Cancun Safety - 7 Tips for being safe in Cancun

There is a lot of talk these days about how safe Mexico is. Cancun safety of course should be on everyone’s mind specially if you travel with family or to out of the way places in Cancun and Yucatan. I recommend the following seven Cancun safety tips:

  1. Only use marked cabs - Cancun travel safety starts with being wise. Specially at the airport when you arrrive, don’t give in to hustlers. Either take minibuses or take marked cabs. Marked cabs should generally be safe.
  2. Girls, travel with escort or in pairs- Although problems in tourist areas are rare, it is best to always in pairs and not late nights when in Cancun. Hotel Zone is generally better.
  3. Do not drink too much - besides getting drunk !! you cannot be sure of the quality of the liquor in Cancun. Bar men are known to replace the high quality liquor with cheap stuff (same bottle, you cannot tell!!). And we all know about Cancun legal drinking age, right? It is 18.
  4. Dont’ venture to out-of-the-way places in a car: It is better if you are a newbie to go with tours, which are plentiful and reasonably priced. Dont’ take the chance.
  5. Drinking water in Cancun - well, we all know about all the diseases including Hepatitis A and B that can be caused by bad water.. So don’t drink the water, except in good hotels. Cancun Hepatitis probem is not bad (in good hotels), but still use bottled water when you can.
  6. Stick to the Hotel Zone - hotels in cancun hotel zone are generally safe and well-guarded. This area is tightly protected by the police, and local officials and hotel managers have a vested interest that all is quiet in the Zone. Going from the Cancun Hotel Zone to the City of Cancun, you enter a different world. Here you are somewhat on your own. City is Ok, but don’t go there late at night — we did all the time, but times are a’changin.
  7. Heat Stroke - You can easily get heat stroke if you travel inland to places like Chichen Itza. take plenty of water with you and liberally splash it on you.

So Cancun safety is something that can be managed, if you are wise, and take some common sense precautions.

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